Lower-acuity cases are shifting to the outpatient setting at a rate of 23% per year. NextGen® medical and surgical orthopedic EHR and practice management software solutions enable your orthopedics practice to improve clinical processes, facilitate outpatient shift, and make patient visits more efficient.

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Molly Van Oordt

Director, Solutions

Molly has more than 12 years of clinical and technical experience specializing in the Musculoskeletal specialties.  Her knowledge, experience and attention to detail in clinical solutions, coupled with her technical knowledge brings a unique approach to clients and their specific concerns.

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It’s like they’re part of our team because of how quickly they respond to issues and address them. It’s a group effort, and the RCM team makes sure we’re meeting all the right regulations and guidelines.

Andrew Blankemeyer, chief operating officer
Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Practice the way you want

Orthopedic solutions tailored to your needs

Working with NextGen Healthcare, you can choose from integrated orthopedic EHR and practice management software solutions specially designed for your orthopedics practice.

Understand orthopedic electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs)

Freedom to practice the way you want

Watch an orthopedic demo to see how you can satisfy quality measures and remove distractions that get in the way of care.

Enterprise therapy solution for orthopedic surgeons

With your orthopedic EHR solution, you can efficiently record treatments by tapping into location-specific exercise templates. You also gain point-and-click documentation of injury, exams, goals, treatments, and plans. The KX modifier tracks Medicare payments/allowances across cases.

Mobile freedom from vendor dependence

Our orthopedic practice management solutions let you plan your day by reviewing your schedule and seeing which patients are checked in. Your mobile solution streamlines workflows and reduces the costs of transcription, resulting in potential savings of nearly $200,000 annually.

Integrated PACS

An image-enabled orthopedic EHR allows you to complete an entire clinical viewing and reporting workflow, and you do not need to exit and reopen the EHR to do it. With our integrated PACS, you can save up to eight minutes per visit.

Automatic orthopedic coverage insurance eligibility check

Your orthopedic practice management solution  automates billing, statements, and claims during operational uptime as well as downtime. This automated feature can save you six minutes on average per patient check-in.

Non-vendor-specific interoperability

With our orthopedic EHR solutions, orthopedic practices, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and non-NextGen systems can seamlessly communicate—no matter what the vendor. This interoperability makes it easier to coordinate care and treat the patient holistically.

A group of orthopedic professionals, in a community of more than 105,000 healthcare professionals

The Orthopedic group of the Success Community is your single online destination for solution support, documentation and educational resources, and training. You can visit the community to vote on product enhancements, collaborate with other clients in our chatter forums, and stay up to date on solution news.

RCM Services and NextGen® Financial Suite

Improve financial and clinical performance, maximize opportunities to increase revenue, correct operational inefficiencies, and elevate outcomes across the true revenue cycle.

Revenue leakage


is left on the table by doctors in the United States every year

Claims processing


of denied claims, on average, are left unresolved by practices

Lost income


of medical practice income is lost due to improper billing

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How we help

We provide tailored solutions to fit the precise needs of ambulatory practices, as they strive to reach the quadruple aim while navigating the journey of value-based care.