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Healthcare reform has expanded Medicare and Medicaid coverage, and increased the number of people covered by private health insurance. The resulting changes in reimbursement are not only affecting patients' ability to seek treatment but also providers' ability to deliver these services. Our EHR and practice management solutions for behavioral and mental health enable you to keep up, by allowing you to freely create content, adopt and adapt workflows, and build reports—without a partner.

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Gary Steiner

NextGen Healthcare specialty director, behavioral health

Gary has more than 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles within the behavioral health industry, managing the IT, development, integration and test, and support departments responsible for designing, implementing, providing training on, and supporting EHRs.

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The documentation process has greatly improved from our old paper system, which had our staff all over the place trying to figure out where to input data and where to find what they need. Now, they go into the system, quickly see where information belongs, input it easily, and get back to patient care.

Dr. Joe Hromco, vice president of Operations
Western Psychological and Counseling Services

Freedom to practice the way you want

Watch a behavioral health demo to see how you can satisfy Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) standards and remove distractions that get in the way of care.

Easy content editing within a group

 Limitless reports in the behavioral and mental health practice management software include custom content with open database access. Providing autonomy, they let your group expand as your services expand—without engaging your partner.

Certification, configurability, and scalability

Our true, Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT)–certified enterprise solution for multilocation and/or multistate organizations enables you to host your entire organization on one single database. This setup supports enterprise-wide reporting with segregated clinical information.

Vendor-agnostic behavioral health mobile solution

With our solutions for behavioral health, you can quickly and easily complete key clinical tasks, document client encounters in detail, and collaborate efficiently with your coordinated care team. By streamlining workflows and reducing costs of transcription, our solutions can also help save you nearly $200,000 annually.

Vendor-agnostic interoperability for behavioral health

Our behavioral and mental health EHR solutions enable hospitals and non-NextGen systems to communicate, which eases care coordination while promoting holistic client care.

A behavioral health community—among more than 105,000 healthcare professionals

The Behavioral Health group of the Success Community is your single online destination for solution support, documentation and educational resources, and training. You can visit the community to vote on product enhancements, collaborate with other clients in our chatter forums, and stay up to date with solution news.

RCM Services and NextGen® Financial Suite

Improve financial and clinical performance, maximize opportunities to increase revenue, correct operational inefficiencies, and elevate outcomes across the true revenue cycle.

Revenue leakage


is left on the table by doctors in the United States every year

Claims processing


of denied claims, on average, are left unresolved by practices

Lost income


of medical practice income is lost due to improper billing

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We provide tailored solutions to fit the precise needs of ambulatory practices, as they strive to reach the quadruple aim while navigating the journey of value-based care.