Full-service revenue cycle management

Revenue Cycle Management

NextGen® Financial Suite is a revenue-boosting platform designed to help your practice collect every dollar you earn. With built-in billing expertise and innovative technology, our revenue cycle management (RCM) and medical billing services help save you time and money. View checklist

Full-service revenue cycle management and financial solutions

Improve financial performance, access transparent billing services, correct operational inefficiencies and get paid faster. We can help.

Accounts receivable


of total A/R should be less than 90 days

Lost income


is the average cost lost to rework a claim

Claims processing


of denials are never resolved

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Benefit Highlights of Revenue Cycle Management

Enhanced value from the start

We deliver all of the core technology you need to significantly improve ROI, such as EHR, practice management, software hosting, e-Prescribing, electronic eligibility, and clearinghouse technologies.

Expedited claims

Our predictive rules engine ensures that 98% of claims are accepted and paid after the first submission.

Improved decision making

You need actionable intelligence to improve decision making. Our detailed dashboards, analysis, and reports on your key metrics—as well as drill-down data mining capabilities and peer comparisons—deliver.

A/R best practices

Our A/R management policies and proven processes help you achieve industry gold-standard-level financial performance.

Comprehensive training

Our experts can help you better handle time-consuming tasks, such as managing claims, posting payments, and capturing denial information.

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